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What can I do with decorative rock? 

You can use decorative rock in rock gardens, walking paths, focal points or terrariums. These are just some ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless!

What materials do I need to re-grade around my house?

You should strip back the topsoil and build up with a clay-based material,  then put topsoil and decorative rock back on. 

Can I lay paving stones on top of my topsoil? 

No, you want to strip it back to the clay and build it back up because topsoil and overburden is susceptible to frost heaving and movement.

What kind of gravel do I use in my dog run? 

Round gravel/rock smooth finished, medium-sized rock and preferably not too porous, such as a native river rock for sanitation purposes and reducing the smell of the dog run. 

How deep do I need to dig down to lay paving stone? 

Down to clay. 

How can I revive a dead patch of grass? 

First identify why it died. Some reasons might be drought, chemicals, end of grass life-expectancy, or objects lying on it are some reasons grass might die. Correct the problem and reseed. For a smaller patch, you can put a thin layer of peat moss on top of the seed to maintain moisture. Seed according to manufacturer instructions and make sure your seeded patch is well watered. 

Summer Hours Starting April 24th Grand Opening Weekend May 12 & 13